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No, No We Didn’t Notice That.

August 12, 09

GoToTennis tweeted a very funny article about Rafa/Roig doubles’ match against Nole/Vemic yesterday.

Doubles teams are sort of supposed to dress alike (although this is something more enforced in the ITF-run events like the Grand Slams).

So Nadal probably had two choices; lend his coach a shirt, or go with the white.

He chose this tight-fitting tank top – harkening back to the days of the tanks and the pirate pants.

The ladies appreciated it; what was noticeable was that his huge, bulging biceps weren’t quite as huge and bulging as they’ve been in the past.

No, we didn’t. My god, the writer of that article must be quite, quite anal indeed.

In a totally awesome way of course.


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  1. mina hearts Rafa permalink
    August 12, 09 7:02 pm

    any guesses if he’ll be wearing sleeveless to the USO? or even just for tomorrow’s match?

    please please please let it be Chrissy, bat mitzvah, and our collective birthdays all over again.

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