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Probably The Most Cliche Photo Shoot Rafa Has Ever Done.

August 13, 09

A boat, open ocean, breeze billowing your unbuttoned white shirt and unchecked curly locks, huge steering wheel… What else could a man want?

This was a photoshoot for the promotional ads of the Balearic Islands, of which we all know Rafa is the ambassador.

Says the article from

The tennis player Rafa Nadal manacorí began recording on a sailboat in Majorca, before leaving the Montreal Masters Series, the first part of the new promotional ad for Balearics attract tourism to the various islands for the next season.

Now tell me Rafanatics, did it in any way make you care more about the Islands?

I guess, faced with yards of Rafaskin as enticement and also distraction, yes and no.

The link to this extrordinary piece of news came from Risha, and this is for Risha, whose birthday is today.

Happy birthday Risha love, finish your thesis soon, and thank you for sharing some Rafa love with us.


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  1. Stella permalink
    August 13, 09 2:48 am

    This is totally the latin lover photo shoot.Sexy and sensitive man that will make your fantasies come true after your bf cheats on you and you decide to take a vacation on the Balearic Islands. Yep totally cliche but still hot.

    • Gabriela permalink
      August 13, 09 3:30 am

      wow…nice analysis, i just saw Rafa semi naked on a boat and my brain stoped functioning
      i just wanna take the next flight to balearic islands, maybe i’ll find a Rafaclone?

      • Diane permalink
        August 13, 09 6:53 am

        The same thing happened to me. After forever (it seems) of Rafa drought, he is now on my TV, semi-nekkid on the computer. . .

  2. August 13, 09 3:44 am

    Have boat, will travel…to the Balearic Islands and restyle this whole damn shoot. WTF?

    Good thing Rafa’s hotter than hell otherwise this would’ve turned into total poo. Get thee some t-paper.

  3. girl from michigan permalink
    August 13, 09 3:53 am

    I need some Rafa!Pirate fic.

  4. August 13, 09 4:08 am

    Sailing on a boad with only Rafa, the see, the sun and the wind…..

    Well it might be a setting for wich not much fantasy is needed but it deffinitly triggers my fantasy’s!!

    *off to the balearic islands*

  5. big sis permalink
    August 13, 09 5:09 am

    That is a great song.

  6. August 13, 09 6:01 am

    OK, I don’t care if this is cheesy or bad. This is my dream photo shoot with Rafa. I almost died when I saw these photos… Rafa, I adore you…

  7. johanne permalink
    August 13, 09 7:26 am

    Basically this makes me wanna take his pants off. But what doesn’t? I mean, really. ;)

  8. August 13, 09 7:48 am

    As you know, I lost all ability to speak when I first saw these. It doesn’t matter that it is clichéd and oh! so predictable.. I don’t even care that much about the islands. That is just too much wonderfulness in one post for my heart to bear.

    ‘huge steering wheel’… OH YEAH. LOL.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes, bb. Birthday wishes on a website read by thousands.. I’ve got it made! :D *kiss* xo

  9. Carol permalink
    August 13, 09 4:26 pm

    Have just recovered from a faint… No sweet Rafa here, he is hot hot hot.

    BTW we all know he goes fishing in a boat, but does anyone know if he’s a sailor too?

  10. Atch2 permalink
    August 13, 09 9:41 pm

    They should have a promotion. Grand prize being a weekend with Rafa on a yacht. Of course Rafa will want to fish the whole time, but u will enjoy all the same bec he does it shirtless.

  11. sonja permalink
    August 14, 09 2:59 pm

    OMG has someone of the Balearic marketing posse entered my mind and dug out my dream fantasy with Rafa??? It’s so scary.

    And cheesy or not – who cares?! It’s Rafa with open shirt, and the wind, and the huge boat and all… Bronzedskinbicepslovelylocksyummyabs you know.

    *passes out*
    *comes to*
    *jets off to Mallorca*
    *rents huge boat*
    *waits anxiously*

  12. Carol permalink
    August 14, 09 3:29 pm

    Have you all seen the video posted on Nadal News and seen the swanky cabin interior which has inspired some very improper thoughts for breakfast time?

    • Carol permalink
      August 14, 09 3:31 pm

      Sorry, it is up on here *dazed and confused*

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