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VIDEO: Filming The New KIA Ad Before Montreal

August 13, 09

Question: if this was a car ad, why is there a shot of him walking? Maybe Rafa’s long legs = some kind of money shot?

More important question: can I be the umbrella girl?

I love how he’s still in contract with KIA even after he bought the Aston – makes an amusing contradiction.

Video via RafaNadalUnofficial @ Twitter.


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  1. Gabriela permalink
    August 14, 09 2:22 am

    after a long Rafadrought we get so much Rafainfo….it’s like a Rafaflood no?

    too much Rafa for me to handle…off to sleep

  2. August 14, 09 4:51 am

    I would say, never enough…

    This must have bin made right before he left to Montreal, when he arrives on the set he’s wearing the same shorts as he did on the airport!

    • August 14, 09 1:55 pm

      mmmmm. Stupid me, in re-watching i saw the date 09-july..
      so just the same shorts but not on the day he left for Montreal off course, what wass i thinking…. ( oh yes, seeing Rafa rules out all thinking for me, forgot that )

      BTW i love the music, anyone knows from who’m it is?

  3. sonja permalink
    August 14, 09 3:06 pm

    YAY!!! More high gloss Rafadvertising!! And SlomoRafa is just too hot to handle – walking or driving or whatever.

    But I have to say white is SUCH a douchey colour for a car. And it doesn’t fit the feel of the spot. They should’ve taken a metallic black one or something.

    • Carol permalink
      August 14, 09 3:51 pm

      Maybe white as it contrasts with the background in the ad or that white is popular in Spain as it’s more heat reflective. White is v popular in Antigua. I agree that in the UK white =bargain basement / retired grampy. Plus a pig to keep clean.

      Is he actually driving this car?

      Ha ha, the production assistant looks as though she doesn’t want to let go of that blue shirt – can’t say I blame her ;-))

      • sonja permalink
        August 17, 09 4:00 pm

        Dunno about the UK, I don’t live there either – I just think it’s a very boring “colour”. :)

    • August 18, 09 7:56 pm

      Well, apparently (from what I’ve heard) white cars are on the up here in Europe, getting a bit trendy again. So that’s possibly the reason for them using it.

      A stumble and a nap in the car, bit of a heavy night love…? ;)

  4. Atch2 permalink
    August 14, 09 9:35 pm

    Rafa looked like he trip a bit on the road and was he rolling one of the hay rolls?
    And he arrives in a Mercedez?! I hope the Kia clients didn’t see this.

    • Carol permalink
      August 15, 09 3:56 pm

      Yes, I noticed that too. It’s probably more to do with the filming company though, sending a car to pick him up. From the money Kia will be making out of Rafa, I dare say they don’t care too much.

      I couldn’t make out about the hay roll, but I bet he would pitch in to help move it, generous, sweet man that he is.

  5. Debbie permalink
    August 15, 09 6:20 pm

    The song used in the ad is the whitest boy alive “island” and Rafa just looks divine specially when he’s walking after the car and the scenery so beautiful!

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