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MONTREAL: Rafa’s Return A Walkover (+Interview Video)

August 14, 09

Rafa is through to Rogers Cup third round after the much anticipated return match with David Ferrer lasted only 36 minutes.

Ironically, Daveed and his sexy tongue* retired because of his knees. Understandably, Rafa was full of compassion for Daveed.

About the match: I really can’t say much, he was not tested in the least. I did feel that Rafa’s movement was cautious, though not overtly so. He was stepping gingerly and didn’t look very fluid. For a starter match it was good, although it felt more like a practice session.

Poor Daveed, he was pissed off even at the very beginning of the match because his knee tape kept unraveling. He called the trainer a few times, and in the end it was not to be.

Rafa’s next match will be on Friday, against Pesky Petz or Philip Petzschner who barely squeezed through his second round match against Tommy Robredo. The scoreline was 76(3), 76(4). The nickname Pesky Petz was earned because he has made a few upsets lately according to some of my online friends. Well, let’s hope he will not be terribly pesky tomorrow. I can’t find a picture of Pesky so here’s another one of Rafa.

To end this post on a sweet note, a video of last night’s after match interview, found by RafaNadalUnofficial.

*Has anyone noticed how fond Daveed seems of licking his upper lip and thus, putting his tongue on display? I am not averse of nor crazy for him, but if he keeps doing that I might have to start stalking him online for videos of the aforementioned sexy tongue in action. Careful, Daveed!


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  1. sonja permalink
    August 14, 09 3:08 pm

    Darn I can’t watch that video with sound in the office – but Rafa looks stuning as always!

    Too bad his match against Ferru had to end that way. Get well soon Davido!!

  2. neil in toronto permalink
    August 16, 09 10:05 am

    heaven is an eternal rafa english presser!!

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