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He’s Like The Grinch That Stole Christmas.

December 8, 09

Seriously, I don’t even get it.

Why must he insist on being a buzzkill?


It’s like having really good sex with your partner and suddenly Robert Pattinson just pops outside your window.

Oh well. He helped them get the trophy. I guess it’s worth it.

…or not.

I kid, I kid. This is worth A LOT:

Congrats Spain on the consecutive Davis Cup wins! Oh, and the hot lot of you are always welcome to pop outside my window anytime. Aside from the Grinch, obvs.



MONTREAL: Rafa’s Return A Walkover (+Interview Video)

August 14, 09

Rafa is through to Rogers Cup third round after the much anticipated return match with David Ferrer lasted only 36 minutes.

Ironically, Daveed and his sexy tongue* retired because of his knees. Understandably, Rafa was full of compassion for Daveed.

About the match: I really can’t say much, he was not tested in the least. I did feel that Rafa’s movement was cautious, though not overtly so. He was stepping gingerly and didn’t look very fluid. For a starter match it was good, although it felt more like a practice session.

Poor Daveed, he was pissed off even at the very beginning of the match because his knee tape kept unraveling. He called the trainer a few times, and in the end it was not to be.

Rafa’s next match will be on Friday, against Pesky Petz or Philip Petzschner who barely squeezed through his second round match against Tommy Robredo. The scoreline was 76(3), 76(4). The nickname Pesky Petz was earned because he has made a few upsets lately according to some of my online friends. Well, let’s hope he will not be terribly pesky tomorrow. I can’t find a picture of Pesky so here’s another one of Rafa.

To end this post on a sweet note, a video of last night’s after match interview, found by RafaNadalUnofficial.

*Has anyone noticed how fond Daveed seems of licking his upper lip and thus, putting his tongue on display? I am not averse of nor crazy for him, but if he keeps doing that I might have to start stalking him online for videos of the aforementioned sexy tongue in action. Careful, Daveed!


VIDEO: Filming The New KIA Ad Before Montreal

August 13, 09

Question: if this was a car ad, why is there a shot of him walking? Maybe Rafa’s long legs = some kind of money shot?

More important question: can I be the umbrella girl?

I love how he’s still in contract with KIA even after he bought the Aston – makes an amusing contradiction.

Video via RafaNadalUnofficial @ Twitter.


VIDEO: Balearic Island Promo, More Cliche Rafa On A Yacht

August 13, 09

My goodness, but the unbuttoned shirt looks quite ridiculous in the video. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it as much as you do, but it’s just such a cliche! I know, I can’t stop saying tit. But you have to admit the whole millionare-lifestyle-on-an-island thing is a bit much.

I didn’t get stuck on that for long though – pay attention to the way he caresses the steering wheel…. Hmm.

Thanks Stella for the video!


MONTREAL: Basically, Rafa Lost Just In Time…

August 13, 09

…for him to concentrate on singles. They managed to put up fight to reach the super TB against doubles specialists Max Mirnyi and Andy Ram and kinda barely lost, with the scoreline 46, 63, 10-8.

He also managed to debut his US Open series outfit.

I thought the blue would be a much lighter shade as the one we’ve seen, but I have to admit this shade works very well with the yellow on his head and wristbands, which I kinda called correctly. *smug smile*

Nice going, Nike.

I guess we’ll see if he’s wearing the black shorts for tonight. His first singles match will be against fellow Spaniard David Ferrer. Don’t miss it, the match will be at 7PM Montreal time.

Images via @TheRealStoogle.


Probably The Most Cliche Photo Shoot Rafa Has Ever Done.

August 13, 09

A boat, open ocean, breeze billowing your unbuttoned white shirt and unchecked curly locks, huge steering wheel… What else could a man want?

This was a photoshoot for the promotional ads of the Balearic Islands, of which we all know Rafa is the ambassador.

Says the article from

The tennis player Rafa Nadal manacorĂ­ began recording on a sailboat in Majorca, before leaving the Montreal Masters Series, the first part of the new promotional ad for Balearics attract tourism to the various islands for the next season.

Now tell me Rafanatics, did it in any way make you care more about the Islands?

I guess, faced with yards of Rafaskin as enticement and also distraction, yes and no.

The link to this extrordinary piece of news came from Risha, and this is for Risha, whose birthday is today.

Happy birthday Risha love, finish your thesis soon, and thank you for sharing some Rafa love with us.


No, No We Didn’t Notice That.

August 12, 09

GoToTennis tweeted a very funny article about Rafa/Roig doubles’ match against Nole/Vemic yesterday.

Doubles teams are sort of supposed to dress alike (although this is something more enforced in the ITF-run events like the Grand Slams).

So Nadal probably had two choices; lend his coach a shirt, or go with the white.

He chose this tight-fitting tank top – harkening back to the days of the tanks and the pirate pants.

The ladies appreciated it; what was noticeable was that his huge, bulging biceps weren’t quite as huge and bulging as they’ve been in the past.

No, we didn’t. My god, the writer of that article must be quite, quite anal indeed.

In a totally awesome way of course.